Run Coaching & Training Programmes

As a UK Athletics qualified Coach in Running Fitness I am able to provide personal coaching for distance runners of all ages and abilities. So whether you are new to running or an experienced runner I can provide tailored sessions to help you achieve your goals.

Here are a few of the services I can offer:

  • Individual Walk-to-Run Programmes for beginners
  • Individual Personal Training Programmes to help you successfully complete runner-811877__180your first marathon/half marathon or improve your performance
  • Specific Strength & Conditioning Plans to make you a stronger runner
  • Technique Analysis to improve your running form & reduce injury
  • E-Coaching – training plans, advice & support by email or Skye for the busy runner!
  • ‘On Your Marks’ running service – a 90-minute session designed to ensure that you turn up on the start line in your best shape, ready to run and achieve your potential. The session addresses all the elements needed to help you run your best:
    • Warm ups
    • Drills
    • Running Technique
    • Key training sessions and training programme structure
    • Strength and conditioning
    • Cool downs and recovery

I can also offer personalised beginner running sessions at a time and place to suit you. These sessions are available on a one-to-one basis or with a small group of friends (max 4 people).


1hr coached session – £30

10 week bespoke written training programme – £80

E-Coaching – £40 per month

‘On Your Marks’ running service – £75


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