Why a Properly Planned Training Programme is Key to Achieving Your Potential

Since qualifying as a Running Coach it has led me to reconsider my own training approach. For the first time in my running career I have used Periodisation – that is dividing my training up into 3 distinct 8 week phases – instead of following the same training schedule week-in, week-out, month after month.

I started 2016 by deciding on my goals for the year and what I needed to do to achieve this. I then carefully planned my training. I began with my base phase; focusing on increasing the distance of my long run to build endurance, as well as some Fartlek runs to prepare for the speed work that would come later on, and long hills and cross country to build strength. Next I moved into the build phase: maintaining my long run and introducing tempo runs, long repetitions and a mixture of long and short hills. Finally, I have entered my peak phase – fine tuning my speed work with 400m efforts and long repeats.

So the verdict? Well, 3 weeks into my peak phase I have just achieved my goal for 2016 having improved my 10K PB by over a minute. Prior to becoming a running coach my PB had plateaued for many years. So, the hard work and structured training programme has certainly paid off. Furthermore, over the last 4 months I have enjoyed my training more than ever. With distinct training phases it has kept me motivated (I certainly haven’t become stale or bored with my training). More importantly, it has given my the confidence to believe that I can achieve my racing aspirations by simply following a carefully considered, structured training plan. And as a coach, I now KNOW I can help others achieve the same successful outcomes.

So, if you would like me to plan a training programme for you and help you realise your goals then please get in touch. Email me at mcfitness@btinternet.com or call 07717021650.


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